Ultradry™ - Shoes & Gloves Smart Dryer

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🌪️ Banish moisture instantly with Ultradry™’s powerful fan and warm air

🕒 Protect shoes automatically with Ultradry™’s smart timer for safe shutoff

🛌 Silence noise completely with Ultradry™’s ultra-quiet operation

🥾 Ideal for hikers, parents with toddlers, sneaker collectors and martial artists

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Banish Moisture Fast! Keep Your Feet Fresh and Comfortable with Ultradry™ 🌬️ 

Ultradry™ leverages a powerful fan and warm air to expedite the drying process, ensuring that moisture, sweat, and odor are efficiently eradicated from your shoes and gloves.

This swift action not only enhances comfort but also promotes healthier feet and hands through its consistent and dependable performance. Perfect for those who value both speed and effectiveness in their shoe care routine.

Set It and Forget It: Perfectly Timed Protection for Every Shoe with Ultradry™ 🕒 

Featuring an advanced timer function, Ultradry™ allows you to set specific drying times up to two hours, catering to different shoe and glove materials and thicknesses. 

This smart technology guarantees that your shoes and gloves are not only dry but also protected from damage due to overheating, thanks to the auto turn-off feature. Whether it’s delicate leather or sturdy canvas, your footwear is safeguarded under the precise care of Ultradry™.

🛌 Enjoy the Silence: Dry Your Shoes Quietly with Ultradry™

Ultradry™ operates below 45 decibels, ensuring your shoe or glove drying process is as quiet as it is effective. With constant temperature control, this dryer performs safely across a variety of gloves and footwear, making it an ideal choice for households seeking a tranquil environment. 

From daily wear shoes to professional boxing gloves, Ultradry™ provides a reliable solution without the noise or risk of overheating.

⚙️ Key Features ⚙️


Due to the 360° coverage, this device will effectively dry all parts of your footwear.


To prevent any damage to your shoes, our dryer never goes beyond 42°C. This optimal temperature guarantees safety while providing quick drying.


It’s suitable for various types of shoes and other items, such as gloves and socks.

Questions from Customers 🤔

Who can benefit most from using Ultradry™?

Ultradry™ is ideal for a variety of users, including hikers who face wet trails, parents dealing with children's muddy shoes, sneaker collectors preserving their collections, and martial artists who need quick drying solutions for their gear.

For those dealing with stinky feet, either personally or from a spouse, do you think this product could help?

Absolutely. Odors in footwear are often caused by bacteria, fungi, and molds that flourish in moist, dark conditions. By effectively drying out boots and shoes, our Ultradry™ boot dryer helps prevent the growth of these odor-causing organisms, keeping your footwear fresh and odor-free.

Can Ultradry™ be used with steel-toed boots and ski boots?

Yes, Ultradry™ is designed to work with all types of footwear, including steel-toed boots and ski boots. It's built to accommodate a variety of shoes and boots, ensuring they're dried efficiently.

How do I track my package?

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How does our return policy work?

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