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Our knitted sneakers are made for people on the go, seamlessly transitioning from work to hiking to happy hour. With their breathable design and sweat-wicking, anti-odor technology, these shoes keep you comfortable all day long, whether you're wearing them with or without socks.



- Anti-sweat and odor-proof technology
- Breathable & moisture absorbing (For wearing with or without socks)
- Washable & dries quick
- Easy to slip on
- Shock-absorbing sole and orthopedic insole (For foot pain relief)


Choose your regular size confidently—they're designed to fit true to size.

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A Fusion of Comfort and Style

ANTI-SWEAT & ODOR FABRIC: Say goodbye to sweaty and smelly feet with our advanced anti-sweat and odor fabric, keeping your feet fresh and dry even during the busiest days.


STRETCHABLE FABRIC: Our shoes feature stretchable fabric that adapts to your foot's contours, providing a snug yet flexible fit for enhanced comfort throughout the day.


WIDE TOE-BOX: Enjoy ample room for your toes to move naturally and comfortably in our shoes, reducing pressure and promoting overall foot health.


SLIP RESISTANT OUTSOLE: Stay steady on your feet with our slip-resistant outsole, providing reliable traction on any surface. Walk confidently in any environment with ous shoes.


SUPPORTIVE INSOLE: Our shoes feature a supportive insole that cradles your feet with targeted cushioning and arch support, promoting proper alignment and reducing fatigue during extended wear.


SHOCK-ABSORBING SOLE: Enjoy superior comfort with our shoes' shock-absorbing sole, engineered to cushion every step and minimize impact on your feet and joints.

Why Heels Hurt?

Each stride begins with your heels, and discomfort can quickly follow. The repeated strain on the band of tissue beneath our feet, known as the plantar fascia, can cause tightness, inflammation, and small tears. This excessive strain often manifests as the hallmark symptom of plantar fasciitis: heel pain.


Through partnering with orthopedists, we've developed MOOD SHOCK-PROOF TECH, a technology that offers 85% more support than standard shoes.


Our secret? Our patented solution, MOOD SHOCK-PROOF TECH. Crafted with lightweight, high-elastic particles, our technology redefines support for your feet and legs while standing, walking, or running.


Experience relief like never before as our shock-absorbing technology dynamically responds to each step, absorbing shock and reducing pressure on your feet and joints. Say goodbye to heel pain and hello to all-day comfort.


MOOD SHOCK-PROOF TECH goes beyond heel relief—it's your ultimate solution for joint support and overall leg health.

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