ConfidentStep - Orthopedic Support Cane

Stand up and walk with stability

Torch for night-time use

Safety alarm and adjustable height

Prevent Dangerous Slips & Falls

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Afraid of standing up or walking on your own?

As you or your loved ones age, standing up from a bed, chair, or car, and even walking, can become painful and difficult. This raises the risk of falls and serious, life-changing injuries, making daily life feel daunting.

Suffering from arthritis, sciatica, neuropathy or obesity?

These conditions worsen our mobility struggles, making every step painful and heightening the risk of accidents.

Soon, this leads to reduced activity, less time with loved ones, and increased loneliness.

There's a solution: The ConfidentStep Orthopedic Cane from Depamo improves stability, allowing you to walk, stand up, and move safely without pain or balance issues.

Regain your independence and confidence without relying on family assistance.

Stand up and feel secure, even on slippery surfaces

Designed by top orthopedists, the ConfidentStep cane is specifically designed to help those who have trouble moving or standing up without extra support

Unlike traditional canes, our cane features an extra handle for additional support, allowing users to stand up independently without assistance.

It stays upright without tipping. The four power grip rubber feet ensure stability on any surface, preventing slips.

Confident Steps, Even in Darkness

With its built-in torch, ConfidentStep helps you see better in the dark.

Positioned to effectively light up dark areas like corridors, steps, and uneven paths, it gives you clear vision and confidence at any time of day!

Whether it's late-night bathroom trips or walking your dogs in the evenings, The ConfidentStep provides a bright, guiding light, offering you assurance and independence you need to move safely in the dark.

Tap for quick emergency alert

Mobility challenges can unexpectedly require urgent help, whether it’s calling for assistance from upstairs, alerting others to a fall, or finding yourself in unfamiliar surroundings.

With the ConfidentStep's built-in clear & loud alarm, peace of mind is just a button press away. This feature ensures that help is always on hand, giving you the confidence to move freely and securely, knowing assistance is never out of reach.

A Reliable Helping Hand At All Times

The ConfidentStep cane boosts your confidence to move independently, reducing the emotional burden of reliance on others. You can trust its reliable support to help you live life fully and freely.

Crafted from premium materials, the ConfidentStep is lightweight and folds effortlessly, making it a dependable and portable support system wherever life takes you.

We offer a 60-day risk-free money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, you can simply return your order and receive a full refund.

Try it today. Completely risk-free

If the ConfidentStep cane isn't your fit or you're not satisfied for any reason, rest assured with our 60-day money-back guarantee—no questions asked!


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Questions from Customers 🤔

What is the maximum weight that your cane support?

The ConfidentStep cane will support any weight up to 250lbs

Is it lightweight?

Of course! We have specifically designed it to be lightweight and easy to carry while traveling. Weight of the cane is less than 1lbs.

Is it adjustable?

Yes! Our ConfidentStep cane adjusts from 36 inches to 39.

How is the torch powered?

The torch is powered by 2x AAA batteries (not included)

How do I track my package?

Upon shipment of your order, you will receive an email notification containing your tracking information. Simply use the provided number to track the status and whereabouts of your order here.

How long does shipping take?

Our shipping times typically range from 7 to 12 days. Please note that during periods of high order volume, slight delays may be expected.

Should you have any inquiries about your order, feel free to reach out to us via email at

How does our return policy work?

Our refund policy extends for a period of 60 days from the date of your order placement.

If, upon receiving your order, you find it to be damaged in any way, please don't hesitate to contact us immediately.

How do I get in touch?

To initiate any inquiries, please feel free to use the contact form available in our website's footer section. Alternatively, you can also reach out to us directly via email at