BounceStacks™ - Kids Interactive Blocks

🧠 Encourages Cognitive Development

🏃 Promotes Physical Activity

🤗 Supports Independent Play

🌈 Versatile & Colorful Design

🎁 Ideal gift that keeps children active and away from screens


Let their true colors shine. The BounceStacks™ features the bright colors of the rainbow, inspiring imaginative play and all-day fun. In addition to stacking, our sustainable and durable stones can be used in endless ways and are strong enough for sitting, climbing, and tossing. Offering open-ended play and multiple use cases, our BounceStacks™ makes an excellent addition to playtime and beautifully complements the homes they live in.

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The possibilities are endless!

A dynamic and versatile toy designed to ignite the imaginations of young minds. Watch as these blocks become the focal point of creative play, offering endless possibilities for movement and exploration.


Children can sit on them, stack them, build courses, balance on them, jump over them, and much more

Whether used indoors or outdoors, BounceStacks™ engage children in activities that enhance their cognitive skills, improve eye-hand coordination, and stimulate their imagination. 


The bright and attractive colors effortlessly capture children's attention, making the stacking process both enjoyable and educational.

⚙️ Key Features ⚙️

Versatile Configuration: Available in three configurations - single pieces, set of three, and set of six in different colors - these vibrant stacking blocks offer a variety of play options.


Multiple Functions: These blocks serve various purposes, acting as balance stepping blocks and stacking blocks. Additionally, they offer storage space for small toys and can be used as stools, providing a comfortable and enjoyable seating option for children.

Material and Durability: Made of non-toxic, durable, food-grade, and environmentally friendly EPP material, these blocks are designed to be both lightweight and long-lasting. The textured surface provides a non-slip grip, ensuring safety during playtime.


Perfect Gift: Whether for birthdays or special occasions, these blocks are a thoughtful and entertaining present for young ones, that promotes physical activity and less time on screens!

Why Are Countless Families Bringing Home BounceStacks™?

At KANAVI Designs, we're committed to sourcing the freshest, most imaginative, and durable play essentials. Your total happiness with our products is our driving force.

👧 All Play Ideas 🧒


Our exclusive wavy bottom edge allows for several play options. Stack the elements to create a stable pillar, or stagger the elements wave side up to create a wobble tower.


Turn them round side down for a trickier trail. Make a course over the lava floor, imagine stepping stones over a brook, or try to balance their favorite race car on top.


Spun on its side or on the rounded side, it makes a fun, topsy-turvy top. Children can cocoon themselves inside and turn, or sit and let a friend or sibling send them for a spin.


Invite your child to help organize household items alongside you: Legos, kitchen ingredients, even tiny socks on laundry day!
FUNctional playtime.


All of our products are waterproof and extremely buoyant in water thanks to its innovative EPP material and lightweight design. Float them on the water’s surface, fill with water and splash away, or use as a fun vessel to water your garden.


Music class is in session! The BounceStack makes a pleasant, warm sound when you drum on it. Use your fingertips for a light raindrop pattern or get the wiggles out with your fists for a powerful beat.


Hide all sorts of objects underneath the BounceStack and find them again. Connect two elements along the wavy edges and hide larger objects in the wobbly egg or line up three elements


Use the hollow side of the BounceStack for games like throwing and catching. Or place on the floor to aim and throw objects inside.


Water, sand, balls, soft toys—whatever your child chooses. Transport toys back to their homes at the end of the day for an interactive clean-up session.

Questions from Customers 🤔

What age range is BounceStacks™ - Kids Interactive Blocks suitable for?

BounceStacks™ - Kids Interactive Blocks are suitable for children from 1 year and older.

What material are BounceStacks™ - Kids Interactive Blocks made of?

BounceStacks™ - Kids Interactive Blocks are made of non-toxic, durable, food-grade, and environmentally friendly EPP material, ensuring both safety and longevity.

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