I Thought My Gardening Days Were Over Due to Hand Arthritis, Until I Tried This Simple 15-Minute Routine.

"None of my medications seem to work, finger exercises are so unbearably painful, my fingers are getting so stiff I can't even make a fist..."

   Written by Dr.Marcus 

   Published on April, 18, 2024

"I live with severe hand arthritis, and the pain is often unbearable. My fingers are so stiff and deformed that simple pleasures like gardening and playing instruments are no longer possible. I've tried numerous treatments from naproxen to strong painkillers like Gabapentin and even daily hand exercises, but nothing seems to provide lasting relief. I'm also terrified of the thought of undergoing finger joint replacement surgery. 


Given these challenges, the TheraPress sounded like a promising, non-invasive option to help manage my symptoms. It's worked tremendously well for me, and here are SEVEN reasons why others in similar situations might want to consider it too." Ella M, 60.

1. Proven to Reduce Pain and Discomfort

The TheraPress is a high-quality air compression massager that's designed to give blissful relief to those painful & stiff hands. It targets all sides of your hand, including your fingers and wrists, providing relief wherever you need it.


The dual-action compression and heating system work together to improve blood flow, decrease muscle tension, improve joint mobility, stimulate endorphins and interrupt pain signals. Activating a series of natural mechanisms to provide instant pain relief, whilst boosting regeneration.

2. Adjustable Pressure Settings

New KANAVI's TheraPress has 3 variable pressure intensities to suit your personal needs - It can be nice and gentle for a relaxing massage, enhancing blood flow and reducing stiffness. Or, you can switch to a higher setting for a firmer & more thorough treatment, relieving soreness & swelling. 


The pain will begin to fade. The weakness in your hands will slowly start to diminish. And you’ll find yourself getting back to your favourite hobbies like golfing, gardening, cooking, and much more.


"You need a tool that's powerful enough to ease the tension in those muscles and lubricate those rusty joints, yet gentle enough not to cause further damage,"  Dr. Marcus explained.


Easily switch between the modes with a simple button press. 

3. Personal Massage Therapist

Hand pain not only comes from degeneration of the joints, a lot of the time, the inflammation and muscle tension that's been building up can contribute significantly to one's aching, stiffness, and swelling. 


This is why your hands feel so much better and more relaxed every time you go get a massage. The kneading pressure penetrates through the muscle knots and helps relax tense muscles and fascia. 


But as we all know, physical therapy & massage sessions are expensive, and not everyone can afford to get an $80 massage twice a day. 


Sometimes we can try helping ourselves out by kneading our right hand with the left... But SURELY there's something out there that's both affordable and effective?


Surprisingly not. 

Most massage tools are made for larger muscle groups or used to vibrate or press out muscle knots. These just aren't effective for the intricate muscles, tendons and ligaments in the hand.  


The TheraPress uses compressive air technology to massage and knead the palm and fingers, massaging every inch of your hand to help sooth pain and alleviate swelling


The device's healing capabilities are amplified via its heating mechanisms. The combination massage and heat therapy boost blood flow and brings nutrients to your hands.


Imagine having a personal world class therapist available on-demand, ready to help at a moment's notice, for almost FREE.


That's exactly what the TheraPress™ can be for you. 

4. Perfect For Arthritic Hands

Let's hear it from John M, who has been struggling with arthritic fingers for over 10 years.

Here's what he had to say:


Provides pain relief and increased flexibility to arthritic hands. 

"I purchased this massager because I have osteoarthritis in my hands that makes them stiff, swollen and painful. Using the massager is very relaxing, comfortable, and pleasant. I use it every morning when I first get up, and every evening before I go to sleep. 


Given that the massager uses compression, it inflates and deflates. It's not something with hard rollers that could be painful to arthritic hands. The massager cycles through a routine for 15 minutes, then automatically shuts off. During the cycle it works the different parts of the hand and fingers so it's not doing the same thing the whole time. 


Because it uses compression, it helps increase the circulation in my hands. In the morning before using the massager, I can't close my hands to make a fist because my fingers are swollen and stiff. After using the massager, I can. I have increased flexibility too after using the massager. It does make my hands more comfortable at the start of my day, and takes the edge off of the pain in my hands at the end of the day so that it doesn't keep me from falling asleep."

5. Fast Acting & Long Lasting Relief

This massager delivers fast-acting pain relief by enhancing blood flow and reducing muscle stiffness almost instantly. 


As the soothing heat warms your hand, it not only alleviates immediate discomfort but also promotes deeper relaxation and recovery. The kneading massage diminishes swelling and encourages circulation, ensuring that the relief you feel is not just rapid but also long-lasting, so you can go about the rest of your day feeling relaxed. 


With each session, your hand returns more refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to get back to doing the things you love without the aches or stiffness in your hands.

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Perfect For Professionals

"Very good for tired hands with aches. Great for professionals that work with their hands (aestheicians, massage therapists, barbers, etc.) and people on computers all day."

William Turin

Verified Buyer

Love The Well Thought Out Design!

"The machine is open on both sides so that feature is very helpful if you have long fingers. This machine has been used by both my husband and I and we both agree that it is very powerful."

Elizabeth Witson

Verified Buyer

Perfect Even For Physical Therapists!

"This is a great device to massage the hands. Our hands are the most overworked parts of our bodies. I massage clients daily making my hands sore. The air flow pressure increases blood flow and healing."

Dylan Thatcher

Verified Buyer

More effective than I thought!

"Should have bought it earlier, exactly what I needed for my neuropathy-pained hands. Honestly, I can use my hands with just minimal pain. I've only used it for like 2 days and I have felt better than I have in the past 2 years!!!"

Vanessa Villegas

Verified Buyer


  • Alleviates Aches & Pains

  • Boosts Blood Circulation

  • Reduces Swelling & Stiffness

  • Improves Joint & Tissue Health


✔️ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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